Best Beauty Hacks A Woman Should Know

Best Beauty Hacks A Woman Should Know | Assalamualaikum & hi! Today I will share something related with a beauty hacks. Women and make up can never be separated, same goes to me. Different people will have different thought why they are using make up. I just love make up because it will enhance my beauty as well as rise my confidence level.  How about you?

Anyone of you having a problems when applying your make up such as your make up gets smudges easily or runs down when you are sweating? If yes, you should read my articles till the end because it will definitely solve your make up issues.

Best Beauty Hacks

1. Do Your Eye Makeup Before Applying Foundation

The first beauty hack you should know  is to always do your eye makeup first before applying any foundation on. It is true that foundation helps your make up stay in place, but you should know that when you wipes your eye makeup every time you make a mistake, you will end up messing your foundation layer too.

Best Beauty Hacks A Woman Should Know

Hence, eyes must come first from eyeliner, mascara and eye shadows for the complete pretty eye makeup touch.

2. Nose Contouring

Secondly, for the ladies who are not happy with the size of your nose and want to enhance it for a perfect look, you should try the makeup trick by contouring the side of it. It works like a magic. 

Best Beauty Hacks A Woman Should Know

You can use a contour colour a bit darker than your skin tone and line it along the side of your nose. Just in case if you don't have a contouring stick in hand, you may replace it with your eyeshadows since it also act as the perfect substitute.

3. Cat-eye Look

For the last best beauty hacks is how to get the cat-eye look with balance. The trick is by using a tape to make the eyeliner application easier. Maybe some of you find it's quite difficult to create perfect wing for your cat-eye look.

Best Beauty Hacks A Woman Should Know

It can be solve just by placing a piece of tape on the outer corner of your eyes, then apply the eyeliner to create a sharp edge. Let it dry and strip off the tape. You will absolutely feel satisfied with how it turns out.

Okay, that's all from me. Thank you for reading this articles, I hope it can be solve your make up problems. Till we meet again :)

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